Get ready for event success

Run your own amazing event, or series of events, under the guidance of a an experienced events professional. Together, we'll create a bespoke blueprint for you to design, plan and deliver strategic events, with easy-to-follow steps to take to ensure complete event success.

  • Establish the objectives for the event, and plan out how to realise them.

  • Help with budgeting – I’ll show you where to reduce costs (and more importantly, where NOT to!)

  • Determining the staging and technical solutions required, that fit the event AND the budget

  • Suppliers recommendations – I’ve worked with many of the best catering, AV, theming and entertainment suppliers in the country, and can help you identify the most appropriate suppliers for your event.

  • Planning out logistics – Content, Marketing, Website, Pricing, Registrations, Catering, Speaker Liaison, AV, Design & Print, Feedback

  • All information from this session will be entered into an Event Schedule for you to keep track of progress

At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to book a follow up call for further support.


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